Social Media Support ROI: Action Based Metrics

Learn how to calculate the ROI of your social media support organization. Metric reporting based on when an action is taken by a customer. These actions lock-in at the end of the month.

Before you attempt to build your Social Media Support Value Model, we need to talk about the two classifications of social metrics. This is a fundamental concept to understand, because it dictates when and how you need to pull your reporting. Your analytics can be broken down into two unique classifications based on how the results are captured. These two classifications are Post-Based Metrics and Action-Based Metrics. In general, your reporting tool drives whether your metrics are action or post based, and you need to ask your software provide with methodology they are using.

This classification refers to metrics based on actions taken by the user within a pre-defined window. The most significant differentiation from Post based metrics is that your results are not impacted by when actions were taken by the company. When pulling results for the month of January, you would see actions taken on your posts based on what customers did within that month. This means that if a post from December continued to trend into January, you would see metrics related to that post.

The benefit of Action Based metrics, from an operational perspective, is that the metric generation is confined. Once your time period has closed, your analytics are locked in place.

Synopsis: Metric reporting based on when an action is taken by a customer. These metrics lock-in at the end of the month, and once the reporting window has closed, will not change.

Platform Example: Adobe Analytics


Post Based Metrics | Tracking Link Clicks


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